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Punch Former with Servo Control

◎ ‧The body is made of alloy steel processed by heat and subzero treatment for relieving stress against distortion, and the inherent high accuracy can be maintained permanently.
◎ ‧Mounting a precision 3-Jaw Chuck, stable machining accuracy. Easily to load and unload the workpiece.
◎ ‧Continuous high speed rotation, any angular position, procedure configuring and CNC controller connecting are available.
◎ ‧Applying Sine Plate for 5-axis machining.
◎ ‧Can link different motor and controller.
◎ ‧Touch Screen system.
◎ ‧Min. Increment is 0.001∘.
◎ ‧Jogging the movement, positing any angle, dividing angle, reciprocating motion, and continuing rotation are capable.
◎ ‧Connect with CNC, PLC and I/O.
◎ ‧Electric Supply:110~250V.